Friday, January 06, 2006

Knitting Knook

  • Lamp - Provides perfect lighting. Makes every other place in the house seem too dark for knitting.
  • On the coffee table -
    • Some Christmas decorations.
    • In the black box - This is a totally unneccessary thing I do with my yarn lables. I use a safety pin to hook the yarn lable to a sample of the yarn. Sometimes I attach an index card with notes about the yarn or the project I made with it. I think it's more of an excuse to play with and look at my yarn more, rather than an actual resource that I'll use in the future.
    • Current project - the heather green eyelet baby blanket.
    • A flashlight - for no apparent reason other than Jerry likes flashlights.
    • The pink thing - a silkie. A silkie is a colorful piece of silk that can act as anything from a picnic blanket to a tent. Useful in imaginary play for children. Not useful in knitting. In our house, the silkie is most often used as a superhero cape.
    • Other random things.
  • In the tote - Just yarn for this particular picture. I often use this tote for the library, but for some reason it has just recently turned into a place to store my new yarn as I inspect it, ponder it, feel it, etc.
  • The books on the floor - Library books. I always get knitting books at the library. I usually flip through them, copy a pattern if it seems like I might make it, or use them to learn a new technique. I borrow books multiple times from the library. I don't know why I do this, but why shouldn't I?
  • Next to the books - the cloche, before felting.
  • Behind the cloche - my needles. I have three cases for needles. One for circulars, one for 14"-ers, and one for DPNs and short straight needles. I love my needles and cherish them.
  • Not pictured (I don't know why) - my knitting tin. In my tin, which is about 3" x 5", are the necesseties for knitting. It is perhaps the best un-invention I ever came up with. If you knit, you know that you are always having to get up from knitting to search for your tape measure, a stitch marker, scissors, etc. Keeping these things in your needle case just doesn't work because it's too inconvenient to go digging in those pockets every time you need your row counter. My tin has revolutionized the knitting process for me. I have everything in there that may be needed at one point or another during knitting. The mini scissors are the most used, but I also have the darning/tapestry needles, stitch markers, coilless pins, split ring markers, the tape measure. There you have it. Go to Joann's and get yourself a little tin to keep your bits in. You will thank me for it.

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