Saturday, January 07, 2006

mission: accomplished

Big Cloche

Here it is before I felted it this morning.

Felted Cloche

And here it is now. I like how it turned out. The shape is just what I was going for. It's sad that I really don't have any occasion ever to wear it. I don't even have a nice coat that it would go with. So maybe I'll sell it. Not sure yet. The crown is quite tall, so it actually makes you seem a little taller. What I've learned (which isn't much) is that one purpose of the cloche was to make the wearer seem taller. So I've accomplished that. Also, if I make it again I will put the stripe lower even though it looks fine how it is. When it's dry I might try to find a nice piece of (velvet? grosgrain?) ribbon to wrap around the crown, below the stripe, to add a little tailoring to it.

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tracy said...

i love the hat, i can't wait for you to send me knitting projects that involve felting.