Tuesday, January 03, 2006

it's so cloche i can almost taste it

Cloche Experiment

Here's the beginning of the cloche project. The purpley yarn is not so purpley in real life, just in the blog universe when it feels like flaunting it's stuff. I think I'll put a mild stripe somewhere near the crown as I'll probably need more than just one skein of the garnet.

The yarn-iest details:
Lamb's Pride Worsted from Brown Sheep Co (85% Wool/15% Mohair)
  • 2 skeins (M-25) Garnet
  • 1 skein (M-151) Chocolate Souffle

Christmas Presents for Me

Body Pillow

A body pillow for pregnant me that fits perfectly into my design scheme for my bedroom, as you can see. Sarah, did you actually sew that yourself, you devil? Gettin' crafty with it. Thanks, I can't wait to go to bed tonight. The Loopy-S man (Jerry speak for UPS) brought it up the stairs of the front porch and I was just so excited and surprised! Thank you!

Washing Machine

Who knew that I would ever get so excited about a new washing machine. Isn't it beautiful? The man at Sears promised that it has the best agitator in the business and who am I to argue? I really prefer to launder in the morning, but tonight I'll make an exception. I've got to go and gather all the dirty socks that Jerry and Gerald perpetually leave around the house. Yippee! I've never been so excited for this task before!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Wow, it's like totally mars vs. venus in there with the body pillow now. Fear not. Its fierce pinkness will soon have those linebackers crying for their mommies.

I really did sew it :)