Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the gig

So I traveled to the yarn store today and spoke with the owner about becoming a teacher of knitting. I think it's going to work out. The first thing I have to do is sit in on a "learn-to-knit" class (series of three classes) to get a feel for the format and how it all works. I'm signed up for the next Saturday series of classes, which begin mid-January. I'll get paid.

Before then I should probably teach myself how to cast on using two needles, since she said that's the method they teach. I should also teach myself how to knit in the continental style, since she said they will teach whichever method the new knitter seems most comfortable with. I'm pretty excited, but with a new baby coming and all I'm not sure if I can be considered a permanent fixture.

Just imagine what this new mini-job will do for my yarn stash! Oooohhh. I get all tingly just thinking about it.

So I'm going to work on making a cloche. Have I told you all that I dream of being a milliner? Anyway, it will be hard because I'm going to try and make up my own pattern and then I'll have to felt it so if I mess up it will be irreversible. I have the yarn. And now I have a headform. Pictures of experiment to follow.


H-SPO said...

i like this definition of millinery: also means any accoutrements that are functionaly unnecessary.

things that are unnecessary are very fun.

Mandy said...

sometimes, if you're cold outside, a fashionable hat is absolutely functionally necessary.

Chelsie said...

how exciting to be ASKED if you wanted a job - no applications or anything! and how fabulous that the yarn-lady recognized your talent. i can't wait to hear the saga of the yarn-sage.

i am actually in th emarket for a pink hat (weird story, but because i have about six adopted-grandmothers at church, they've decided i HAVE to join their red hat club (which i think is about the goofiest group ever), but they want a "young gal" to join - and I adore spending time with them - so there, i'm in the market for a under-fifty-years-old pink hat) - and the cloche is totally cute. once you feel ready to "sell" your fabulously unnecessary headgear, i'd love to etsy-invest in the project!

Sarah said...

Ooooooooo....I'm very excited for you.