Monday, January 02, 2006

can i please have the language of origin?

Jerry was sick the whole time my parents were visiting. They came last Tuesday and left this morning. Gerald and I both got sick around Sunday. So it would have been really great if Jerry had been well and Gerald and I had been sick while my parents were here. Anyway, my point is today was totally crappy. You know when you're sick and nothing feels normal? Like Gerald said, he was in soup. It was so yucky. I mean, I know there are certain medicines I can take, but I err on the side of caution and I haven't taken anything but Green Tea with lemon (and sometimes honey). Nonetheless, we made it through the day with plenty of candy and children's television programs for Jerry while we napped and generally felt like crap. We also had much shorter tempers for anything out of line from Jerry.

The upside of all of this nonsense is that there was a marathon of the Scripps National Spelling Bee contest on one ESPN channel or another. So I watched it all day, in between channel surfing by Gerald of various bowl games, but mostly Notre Dame v. Ohio State. There was this whole backstory that the announcers didn't stop talking about the whole game: the ND QB has a sister who is dating alinebacker from Ohio. The linebacker sacked the QB like, four times. There you have it. Now you're caught up.

Other mentionables:
  • Mother-in-law went on a date today. The first since the mid 60's as far as we know. Thing is, she says plenty of men ask her out but they are usually so old that they can't hardly remember their own names. This man is eight years younger than her and tall and handsome and a doctor who lives in California. We don't know much anything else. I can't wait to hear how it went.
  • When my Grandma called on New Year's Day she talked to my Dad. She must have asked what we had been up to and my mom and I sat and listened as my Dad explained: "Well, Mary and Mandy have been knitting. Then they take a break to make tea. When they run out of yarn they go to the yarn store to buy more. Then they come home to knit and drink more tea." It was funny because he was totally right. That's all my mom and I did all week. Drink tea, knit, and go to the yarn store.
  • We actually went to the yarn store so much that I got a job offer from the proprietor. She said, "Do you have a job?" And I said, "No." And then she asked if I wanted to teach beginning knitting lessons once a week. I'm considering it. A 25-minute drive for $6 an hour? If they give me a discount on all their yummy yarn I'm so there. I mentioned that once I have the baby I'll be breastfeeding, so I'd bring the baby along and I didn't know if that would make her or other customers uncomfortable. Wouldn't it be a giant step for man-kind if they were okay with someone teaching knitting lessons while discreetly nursing a baby in a sling? I bet people wouldn't even know there was a baby in the room. I digress...
  • I'm sick of waiting for new episodes of my fave shows. Veronica! Please come back soon! I miss you!


Sarah said...

That would be the coolest thing ever if you taught knitting while discreetly nursing a baby. I have so many daydreams about doing stuff like that and changing the world.

Also, I love the things you learned. I might copy you and list some things I learned, because shit, there were alot.

Also, your New Years' picture is fabulous.

H-SPO said...

if it isn't ok to breast feed in a yarn store that has 100% all-natural fibers then there is a problem in the world.