Thursday, January 05, 2006

ballet slippers

Aren't they wonderful? I love the rounded shape of the toe. And the mohair is just so fuzzy!They really do look like ballet slippers, and dare I say it, they make me look like a ballerina. Well, a pregnant ballerina. I guess that just makes me pathetic.

Nonetheless, I'm trying not to wear them until I get the slipper bottoms. In fact, maybe I'll try to find some online right this very minute. Posted by Picasa


Chelsie said...

they're exquisite! as soon as miss h-spo is finished with her starbucks-sentence, we plan to teach me how to knit. we'll have our own knitting knight, and perhaps i'll learn to make slippers half as beautiful as these!

Mandy said...

yeah for knitting! i love to know when people start or want to start knitting. i'm all like, "it's so great!" beware of the yarn addiction.

and these slippers are surprisingly easy, you just have to do them when people won't be talking to you because there is lots of counting. or you could just nod your head when your husband starts talking about football. either way.

tracy said...

can you email me this pattern. if i can drunkly remember, i think jason was talking about wanting slippers and i told him that you were knitting some and he asked if maybe i could make him a pair...hopefully if it is easy as you say it is.

Sarah said...

I should totally move next door to you. I wonder if I can. What kind of house is it?

Mandy said...

trach, i cannot email you the pattern because i wouldn't want to copy it wrong. but i will make a copy and mail it to you (of a couple different patterns, you can choose) even though that's against the law. you'll have to wait until i get to a copier.

sarah, i will email you the listing :)