Saturday, December 17, 2005

movie night: back with a vengence

  1. Movie Night. I finally made it to the movies again, this time for The Family Stone. I'm so glad I went because I really really enjoyed it. Luke Wilson was great, as was SJP. In fact, all the roles were outstanding. I laughed a bunch and cried a bunch, too. And I was happy that Claire Danes was in it, because although I was aware of her role I must have forgotten for one reason or another that she was in it. She was delightful. It was a great little flick. I'm not sure if they are comparable movies, but it had the one thing that Elizabethtown didn't (that I expect from a rom-com): great and believable relationships between people.
  2. New Policy. My no-movie-review-policy was in effect, as I didn't read any reviews before going to see it. I'll have to see if I can find one to read.
  3. Go Mountaineers! Appalachian State University made North Carolina proud last night by winning the NCAA Division I-AA college football championship game.
  4. Exterminators Unite. Today is the annual gathering of exterminators for the office Christmas party. Last year our babysitter (mother-in-law) was late and we had to sit at the far end of the table. This put us next to Andy, the very kind large-man-secretary, and his wife who informed all of us about the joys of keeping hedgehogs as pets. You think I'm kidding, but I am not. They seemed overjoyed that someone (me) was interested in their unusual hobby. I really was. But this year we'll hope to arrive earlier in order to jockey for better table placement. I think Kenny keeps chickens. We'll try to sit by Kenny. It's all so much easier to pretend you are having fun when you can drink beer.
  5. Creepy Exterminator Stereotypes. Yes, the stereotypes you have of exterminators are correct. Most of them wear clothes that would have been stylish about twenty years ago. And their hairdos - oh the hairdos. It's like, come on guys, have you been in a box? So when people ask what my husband does, I don't mind saying he's an exterminator because he is good at his job and I'm proud of him for everything he does for our family. I do wish I could say, "But he's not a creepy exterminator."
  6. Brownies and Cookies and Frosting, oh my. I think my melted butter & unsweetened chocolate mixutre is cool now, so I'm going to go make the brownies. Then bake the cookies. Then pass out from sugar overdosing or exhaustion, whichever comes first.

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Sarah said...

Melted butter and chocolate together are like the two best things you could ever put together. If I could only eat one thing the rest of my life it would be melted butter and chocolate.

Well, maybe.