Monday, December 19, 2005

as if you care

I'm so excited for Christmas. Gerald and I went shopping yesterday and finished up the toy shopping for Jerry. It was really fun, despite all the millions of people trying to do the same thing we were doing. We also went out to eat by ourselves! A rare occurance for us and it was a really nice and enjoyable date.

So what does a three year old get for Christmas? Well, here's the list. We might not give him everything because we're conflicted about how much he should get. You know, Christmas is not about the presents. Anyway, the list:
  • A Transformer (Robots in Disguise). It's small but totally cool. This will fulfill the "robot" from his list.
  • A Nerf Gun. Fulfilling "gun" from his list. This was hard to find, and only when we were leaving the toy department did Gerald spot it by chance. They must not be a very popular toy, because we only had one choice. This will likely be the hit of Christmas morning.
  • A Hot Wheels race track. We went to a Christmas party at mother-in-laws place of business where Santa came and handed out presents to the kids. Jerry got a cool jungle floor puzzle. After the party Gerald said to Jerry, "Can you believe Santa knows how much you like puzzles?" And Jerry replied, "Yes, but I really wanted a race track." So said race track is simple, but at the end of the track the car crashes into a truck. If you know Jerry, this is right up his alley.
  • A Book with an Elephant. "Stand Back," said the Elephant, "I'm going to Sneeze!" I got this from Amazon, I've read it, and it's so freakin cute. It has great vocabulary which is important to me, and it's funny. "Book with elephant" was on his list. I hope he likes it.
  • Candy Land. Not on his list, but I think he's ready for organized game playing. And we have a tradition at our house of buying board games for Christmas (which coincidentally we never play), and Jerry's been begging to play them, which he can't because they're like Monopoly and Life. So now he'll have one of his own. Actually, so as to not overwhelm him with huge numbers of presents, I think Gerald will give the present to me, and it will be a family thing.
  • Stocking Stuffers. Just a bunch of little bitty things - chocolate race cars, a coloring book, stickers, a Hot Wheels ornament with a tiny car that has fire flames on it, a candy cane filled with M&M's. Nothing big, but fun stuff.
  • The Toy in Question. This is the big/small controversy of Christmas this year. We both agree that Jerry doesn't need piles of presents on Christmas morning, but we also want to make our bubba happy. Gerald's on the side of saving the toy for another time, I want to give it to him for Christmas. Anyway, it's this fire truck that makes a bunch of noise and has flashing lights. It comes from the Wilco-Hess gas station (much like Napa toys in the North). The company comes out with one each year and they are totally awesome. We've bought them the past two years, but had initially decided Jerry didn't need one this year. Until we saw it was a totally awesome fire truck. What we may do is give it to him on Christmas Eve, because Gerald's family has a tradition of opening one thing on Christmas Eve. But we're still not sure.
So that's the story. While we were shopping, Gerald and I also bought things for ourselves that we're going to give to eachother. This was a really great revelation about husband/wife gift giving. I picked out a tea kettle. Gerald chose some cute serving spoons for the kitchen (i can't find a pic) and The Farmers Almanac. I told him that I think this is a fun Christmas idea, but I'm not wrapping my own present.


Sarah said...

I totally care. Where did you find chocolate race cars?

Mandy said...

hello, we live in Nascar country. So they're Nascar, and we got them at Walmart, but we saw similar chocolatey race cars at Target yesterday.

btw: I may refuse to support any interest Jerry has in Nascar in the future, but I may not. he talks about Jeff Gordon like they're best friends.

H-SPO said...

who is jeff gordon? just kidding.

remember how the nerf gun used to be the present of the year for us too? then after, like a week we never played with them anymore.

it is so funny that since jerry was born, the nerf guns have made a comeback in the spoth households.

should i buy some for jose?
or should i just ask, should i let jose torture homer?

btw: i totally care too.

Mandy said...

i think dad bought us the nerf guns because he likes them. gerald likes the nerf guns too. you should totally let jose torture homer. that would be fun for him.

thanks, all, for caring.

H-SPO said...

fun for jose or fun for homer?

Mandy said...

both, i guess. more fun for jose, now that i think about it.