Friday, December 16, 2005

yesterday's ice

The ice was never that bad here, although I think about 400,000 homes in North and South Carolina were still without power this morning. The roads were never icy, and we never lost power.

You can kinda see the ice on the trees in the picture, and you can really see The Beast, Gerald's Blazer from the late 70's. I think it gets between 7 and 11 miles to the gallon. On the highway. There are visions of fixing it up and taking the top off and driving to the beach like a bunch of crazy college kids, but that will never happen. Whatever does happen to The Beast, I've requested that the American Flag license plate gets transferred to my car.

I've also requested an airbrushed license plate like you get at the fair that says "Gerald & Mandy Forever" but somehow everyone thinks I'm joking. I'm not joking, I think it would be the funniest thing ever. You actually see them in the South! Posted by Picasa


Sarah said...

what a neat looking car.

H-SPO said...

if you're a redneck.

Chelsie said...

i think for some, a truck like this in the yard is a feature. as are airbrushed license plates for others.


such "custom" license plates almost have the same allure as, say, your initials carved in a tree. very romantic.

H-SPO said...

are you gonna get a unicorn tatoo too?

Mandy said...

not a unicorn tattoo, but rather a tattoo of an eagle with a flag in the background. i used to have a (village idiot era) shirt with an eagle and a flag. i seriously loved it.

and the funny thing is about the unregistered truck sitting in our yard, it's not the only one. we actually have two unregistered vehicles that make their homes in the yard. i can't tell you the joy my boys have driving around "down the hill" in those trucks. i think (although i don't really want to know the truth about this) Gerald lets Jerry drive.

redneck, perhaps. but i also consider myself to be an intelligent, well traveled lady who has lots to offer.

jurgi said...

hey I hit that Blazer with my Blaze orange hot rod truck and settle it with a beer on 421. tell G hi. jurgi

Mandy said...

if you want to talk redneck, just talk to jurgen. he really did drive an orange hot rod truck. now he drives a tractor around his backyard.

and the blaze orange truck in question is the one that my (apparently redneck) husband wanted to buy from jurgi, forever cementing their friendship in the annals of history.