Saturday, November 12, 2005

this & that

  1. I have a bunch of knitted stuff completed for x-mas gifts. Of course the large, daunting projects have not been started yet. Let's see, forty-three days to go. Yikes. I had better get crackin.
  2. Jerry came out of his funk by Wednesday night/Thursday morning. He's spent the last two days making up for sitting on the couch all day. That is, he has been talking non-stop. His two current favorite things to say: "Why?" and "What?" I'm all about telling him why things are the way they are. It does gets on my (and Gerald's) nerves a bit. Especially at the end of the day. Especially when there's no easy answer. "It looks like a windy day." "Why?" "Because the weather's changing." Fine. But, "Please pick up your trucks." "Why?" "So no one gets hurt by stepping on them." "Why?" "It's dark at night, and we might not see them, and someone could trip and get hurt." "Why?" "BECAUSE I SAID SO. THAT'S WHY." "Why?" "OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD GO TO YOUR ROOM." "Why?" I try to remain calm most of the time. Sometimes I cannot. Mommy guilt kicks in as I banish him to his room for two minutes only because he wanted to know "Why?"
  3. I was going to see Derailed last night, but the dumb movie didn't start until 10:10 and after I put Jerry to bed I was so tired, and I feel a sore throat coming on, and I fell asleep by about 9:20. Maybe tonight. I know my movie nights are soon coming to an end so I want to go every chance I get. But I'm already feeling a bit crappy sitting in a movie for a couple hours without getting up. I'm pregnant.
  4. The last movie Gerald and I saw before Jerry was born was Spiderman and my feet/ankles got so swollen during the movie that on the way home I had to sit in the back seat with my feet elevated while Gerald drove. I forget a lot of things, but I won't ever forget that.
  5. Jerry wrote a letter to Santa yesterday, at zip code 99705, which is North Pole, AK:
    1. A video game. (when pigs fly, or when you get an allowance and then you can buy it yourself)
    2. Robot. (this is a reasonable request)
    3. Rocket ship. (also reasonable)
    4. Gun. (if he means a toy gun that shoots things for outside playing, then fine)
    5. A book with an elephant. (oh, you precious thing. such a boy, but still love books)
  6. OOhhh! I got my box of preggars clothes from! Lots of things that are black. But some pretty pink things as well. The shirts are nice and long, but they'll probably shrink and expose my belly as soon as they're washed.
  7. Breakfast is ready.

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Sarah said...

I finally am going to get you a maternity shirt from old navy, now that you have some already, ack. I am going to get myself some damn blue jeans, I haven't worn jeans since before nella was born.