Wednesday, November 09, 2005

yea, he's sick

It's about 10 minutes after I made my hypothesis about Jerry being sick. He's passed out on the couch now. This is a boy who need not nap. Ever. In fact we try our darndest not to let him because if he naps he doesn't go to bed until 11pm. His poor little body is hurting. Now will be the time to consider medication, which I don't like to give him other than at night. Today he might need it.

I'm sad: it sucks to be sick.
I'm in for the long haul: sick means less sleep at night for parents.
I feel guilty: I'm going to knit, and I'm excited about that.
Poor guy: he's over there on the couch sleeping and moaning.
And he's so cute: it wasn't long ago that he was making silly faces in the mirror with his new hat and scarf.


Sarah said...

Poor sick Jerry. I hate sick. The last time I went to the doctor I got sick.

Stupid sick.

Anne said...

Poor little bubba. As for maternal guilt that the active one is quiet for a short time (and being cossetted and comforted wonderfully by mom I'm sure) ego te absolvo (my Latin may be rusty) - I can remember being confounded by the relief at being able to stop running twice as fast as I could, just to keep up with Brendan, who never stopped going...