Friday, October 07, 2005

where's the rabbit?

After the Elmo in Grouchland fiasco, Jerry and I will be trying a movie for the first time again. This time it will be the very-relavent-to-us Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. It's relavent because my two boys spend lots of time in their garden and particularly this summer, they spent lots of time chasing rabbits away (Jerry by running at them and screamming, and Gerald with a gun after Jerry was asleep). Not to mention the pest-control connection.

I can't wait. Especially after I saw the preview. I burst out laughing in a relatively silent theater. You see, the preview introduces Gromit as someone "who never says anything" then it cuts to him sitting silently knitting with only the sound of the needles tapping out gentle clicks. If you want to laugh your pants off with some good (albeit brief) knitting humor, watch the trailer.

The Family Filmgoer says it's for kids six years old and up, but I'm gonna take him anyway. It is rated G. If he comes out of the movie chanting "arse! arse!" I really can't be that upset. It would be funny. Besides, I'm really craving some popcorn with movie theater butter. And who's gonna deny the pregnant woman of her craving? Not me.

later gators.


Anonymous said...

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jurgi said...

Yeah That guy kinda looks like Gerald too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go Dolphines

Mandy said...

Go Giantes! and Billes! and Pantheres!