Saturday, October 08, 2005

The End

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Now the room is pretty much finished. There is a bunch of junk lying around. If there wasn't then it wouldn't really look like my house. I'm trying to fix the "junk lying around" problem, but it clogs my mind too much to think about it. Maybe I'll try to tidy up later.

Nonetheless, I think my new front room is beautiful. My valances turned out pretty good. I think I will add some roller shades from Target to match the ones on the big windows. Or if I've got it in me, maybe I'll make some roman shades.

When it is time to do the rearranging (i.e. make the tv room the bedroom, make the front room the tv room, make our old bedroom the baby's room) the large television will go on that little coffee table in the corner. I'm ready to rearrange right now but I think Gerald is hesitant to leave the old ratty couch on which he currently lounges while viewing his favorite shows like Crossing Jordan, Survivor, and anything involving football (including "monday night," pregame, and off season specialties such as arena and nfl europe). My mother-in-law and I will be teaming up to convince him it's time to rearrange, but I won't force him yet.

Oh, and the picture (which is just a print) propped on the mantle...I'm not sure yet if that's permanent. I like that picture a lot. (beware: run-on sentence) It's signed with a personal message by a famous local artist because it was originally purchased by a barbecue mogul here in town but they didn't want it and we got it for free through our barbecue mogul connection. Blah blah blah. It's funny how one actually turns out to be just like their mother. I want to put a sparse wreath there, but also be able to change it with the seasons. Just like my mother. But since I like the picture I should find another place to hang it.

So there you go. Next week it's on to the next project. All this before the official pregnancy nesting phase. Go figure.

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