Thursday, October 06, 2005

i think i'm in love

I'll have to admit that last week's lost annoyed me a lot. I was at the beach and tired and although the show is a lot about 'clues' and such, I really just watch to watch. I'm not sitting there trying to decipher all the clues. So last week I felt like I was watching the premiere again. I was bored. Where was Hurley? Am I the only one who felt this way? Probably. I'm not ready to give up, and I was glad last night to finally get a little Hurley action. He found the pantry! Good for you Hurley! Anyway, I'm happy to just read about the clues and what they mean in TV Guide then ponder them for a minute while I'm on the shitter or something.

So Veronica. I love you. Please never leave me. Whereas lost is always leaving me annoyingly hanging, you always give me just enough so that I'm satisfied yet I'm left wanting more. Can I get a hells-yeah for Wallace? I think Jackie (was that her name?) had one too many lines about "getting in my panties" but I don't really care. Wallace is a little crime-fighting protege -- and he was so cute! Not only cute, but also resourceful (as in taking the page from the reporter's notebook then putting it in his pocket).

But talk about getting into panties. Was the cuddling better than the deed for Veronica, as Logan suggested? Hmmmm. Veronica sure looked like she was pondering. Or maybe she was just perplexed about whose hotel room Logan has just emerged from. Also, I just googled my hunch about the "clerk" at the drugstore being Kevin Smith and it was! I'm so smart. But my favorite parts last night? First, Magician Veronica making a macchiato. Second, Veronica suggesting that her dad would turn her room into a sewing nook or a yoga studio. Third, basically every other part of the show. If you're not watching, you should start because I'm not gonna stop talking about it.


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