Monday, October 31, 2005

The rents are here.

I think my mind goes blank when my parents visit. But it's still fun to have them here, if only because they are like full time babysitters.

I've been knitting a lot.

They're taking me and Jerry to the beach on Wednesday. Myrtle Beach. Just like old times. Except now I'm not a youngster. Now I'm a responsible adult.

I think that lots of folks (college kids) go to Myrtle (as they call it) to hit the clubs and party like rock stars. It's sort of that kind of place, but a family destination also. Go figure.

I have 5 (maybe more) knitting projects going. I can't help starting new ones when I get a little bored with the old ones. Maybe the beach will be a time to finish. I'll only take works-in-progress.

The beach in November?!?! Well, it might be a wee bit nippy, but Grampa really wants to go to the beach. He has spent the last few months picking pumpkins and carrying them all over creation (not to mention the corn...the corn!!), so if he wants to go to the beach, then by golly we're going.

We bought a pumpkin at Walmart (blasphemy) for $2.50. Grampa brought a similar pumpkin for us that was marked $7.00. I guess that reflects the planting/caring for/fertilizing/picking of pumpkins yourself versus the cost of hiring migrant workers to do it for you. Stew on that.

I think we might run out of candy for trick-or-treaters because I've been secretly eating the stash for the last few days.

Holly, do you have size 13 dpn's? I can't find them for shit and I've looked almost everywhere. I'd rather pay you the money in S&H to borrow them then buy a $20 set online. Then I could return them to you at Thanksgiving.

We're almost out of milk.

I have season 1 of Lost on DVD. I have season 4 of Alias on DVD. I feel very lucky. But the trouble is, I don't have an autographed copy of the Italian version of the Alias graphic novel. I'm willing to pay relatively good money for something of the sort. You might consider me a collector. Or not.

Did you see Gray's Anatomy? For crying out loud. I cried out loud. It was so good. It's like Felicity, BUT BETTER.

That is all.


Sarah said...

I really like that Jennifer Garner.

My friend Virginia whom I don't know if you know also just got the Lost DVD. Isn't that interesting? It might be.

Check out my word verification word: "lsooujnc."

H-SPO said...

i know that i have 11 dpn's (which took me a second to decode). but that won't help you. i'll take a looksie at my stash tonight for 13.

love you all,

Mandy said...

I like Jennifer Garner too, even though now she's part of the whole Garfleck thing.