Friday, October 28, 2005

baby needs cake

My sis-in-law knows what she's talking about. She has four children, hopes for many more, and claims that everything in the second trimester tastes good. She's sooooo right. When Gerald gets home I think I'm going on a super-secret supermarket mission to get:
  • vanilla ice cream
  • roasted & salted whole almonds
  • chocolate syrup
It's secret because I want it all for myself and I don't want to share any with anybody. I'll get away with not sharing until Grandma & Grandpa arrive for a visit tomorrow and expect dessert. Given that, maybe I'll buy a super-duper-secret pint of Ben & Jerry's in some flavor that includes peanut butter, like Chubby Hubby if that even exists anymore.

Ooohh. I just thought of a good boy's name.

But seriously, all I want to do is eat cake. I see a picture of a cake and I want to eat it. I see Paula Deen making some tasty buttery concoction and I want to eat it. It's not me, IT'S THE BABY. THE BABY WANTS CAKE. NOW.


Sarah said...


In my second trimester with Nella, I made Dave bring me home cheesecakes from Junior's approx. every 3 days (that's how long it took me to eat a whole one.)

Mandy said...