Saturday, November 05, 2005

what's doin'

With laundry, dishes and knitting hanging over my head, I figured I would take a moment out to blog a bit. It actually takes me a while to compose these entries that you see here, so really I'm procrastinating while J & G are out at the closest mega-supercenter stocking up on the week's necessities.
  • The beach was fun. Some highlights:
    • Dad can listen to the most horrifying radio stations ever. I can stand the country only because every once in a while a classic or sing-along comes on. But the adult contemporary? Come on Dad. Were you daydreaming or do you actually like that music?
    • Nance's still has the best hushpuppies.
    • Sorry Ed, the lazy river was closed for repairs. So were all the kiddie pools. But the beach was fun. Given my extreme general dislike for sand and its propensity to stick to the body, it was surprising to see Jerry actually turn into the sand man. He was covered from head to toe.
    • The Coral Beach resort is the same but for a new coat of paint and some flashy curtains. It was sort of like coming home.
    • I could eat ice cream from Kirk's every day of my life, gain 100 pounds, and live happily ever after.
  • Halloween was a hoot.
    • I planned on using eyeliner to paint a beard on Jerry's face. I don't wear makeup, but I found an old Village Idiot-era eyeliner pencil in the bottom of a drawer and tested it on Jerry's face Thursday afternoon. Off Jerry went to Walmart with Gerald and when they came home I noticed that a small rash had broken out where the eyeliner had been. Ergo, no beard. Only one senile man thought Jerry was anything but a pirate, so the beard didn't matter.
    • In my neighborhood there aren't many trick-or-treaters so the folks give out whole handfuls of their candy. Jerry's bucket was filled after only about ten houses. He couldn't even carry it.
    • I wore a headband that made me look like an alien.
    • On our particular street we were the only house handing out candy. It doesn't help that three out of the ten houses have no one living in them, and they're not even on the market. Man, it is so the ghetto. I wish whoever owns the houses would just sell them for cheap and let nice families (like us) buy them and fix them up (like us). Ah, well.
    • We didn't have many trick-or-treaters and I've been eating the left-over candy non-stop.
  • I'm going to a spa.
    • My first time going to a spa. I had a massage once but it was years ago and it was on the beach in Hawaii. This time I'm having a pregnancy massage and as Holly said, "I hope it doesn't induce labor." Hells right, I hope it doesn't induce labor. That would suck.
    • I wonder if I could get a mani, too. I'll have to consult the spa-day planners on this one.
    • It seems like it would be fun to get a mani and a massage and drink champagne starting at noon. Oh well. Maybe in ten years when Holly and I get around to going on our vacation and I don't have pregnancy and babies to think about then I can go on vacation and start drinking at noon while having a mani and a massage. In Vegas.
  • The shower invitation DID come to my house.
    • Linda was so smart to think I'd want to see it.
    • It's so pretty!
    • I'm making crudite. Well, I suppose not really making it, more like preparing it. But I am making the dips. And it's not going to look like that picture, but I will use a basket. So there.
  • I've been knitting.
    • But I can't show you the stuff because it's stuff I'm knitting for you, loyal blog readers.
    • Except for you, Dashiell, because I can't seem to find a cool enough hat pattern for a Los Angeles type of a guy. I'm not quite smart enough on the knitting front to just make something up. Not yet, anyway.
    • But I am making Jerry a hat and scarf to go with the new winter coat Mom gave him, which has to be finished in two weeks if it's going to be worth anything.
    • And I call you all loyal blog readers in order to make you feel guilty if you don't visit often enough.
  • And with that...
    • ...I am finished.

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