Wednesday, September 07, 2005

did you know

  • Some people iron their sheets. Can you imagine what sort of guilt one would feel after sleeping on ironed sheets? Poor souls.
  • Jerry is growing up. Although he still uses "wax" for "axe," I noticed he started saying "confetti" instead of the long preferred "fetti." He's getting it. He's really getting it.
  • Mom ate cake all day yesterday. Bitch.


H-SPO said...

i can't believe that there is blog spam. they found you...
have you heard anything about the cake? i haven't.

Mandy said...

hi, i think she liked ohlson's. and the price was right. but they went to another place last night, butterwood, and I haven't talked to her since. i know she forgot to take the picture to ohlsons but i'm sure she'll give you the whole story.

H-SPO said...

she'll give me the whole story. WHOLE story. WHOLLLLEEEEE ENTIRE STORY. She's great.