Thursday, September 08, 2005

i'm finishing things left and right

Here are the new items that I just finished today. The lovely knit blanket for new baby and a semi-quilted changing pad, also for new baby. Yum. I'm waiting for the FedEx Ground deliveryman to pull up to my door with my diaper-making supplies, but he probably won't be here until Saturday or (sigh) Monday. Besides, I've revised my needs for cloth diapering. I don't need to go all crazy making fancy diapers. I just need prefolds! And wool covers! And I can make them myself! Isn't this so boring? I thought so, too. That's why I am going to go find those old pictures of my house and take new "under construction" pictures. Then I'll put them up here for you all to admire. But none of this will take place until after I've eaten my pb&j and a bowl of cottage cheese with sliced banana. Now that's yum.

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