Tuesday, September 06, 2005

oh, happy (revised) labor (& delivery) day

  • Well, it turns out that you really should mark down on a calendar when you get your period. When you get pregnant, or as some say 'when you're preggers,' the first thing they ask you is when was the first day of your last period. "Ummm, uhhhh, June 9th...yeah, June 9th." I totally made that up because I couldn't remember. So today at my first visit to the nurse-midwife, supposedly the 12-week visit, I decided to go for the ultrasound just to confirm the due date. Good thing I did. My shiny new revised EDD (estimated date of delivery) is April 22. Just kidding. Did you totally have a heart attack? The real date is March 1st, which makes me 15 weeks along rather than only 12. Woohoo! Three fewer weeks of being preggers!! Three more weeks to get ready to slip into a bridesmaid dress!! Yea!
  • My veins are not good at getting needles stuck into them for the purpose of drawing blood. I've got this big bloody bruise on my arm from the blood drawing today. And it's sore. I don't blame the nurse this time because she's not the first one to fudge up the job. Oh, bloody veins!
  • I love the birth center! It's totally awesome! Not only do I have my own bright red pregnancy planner notebook, but I get to actually be a part of what's going on with my body during this whole crazy pregnancy thing. When I get to the center for my visits, I pick up my file and then proceed to the potty to test my urine. I record my pee results myself! How cool is that! It's sweet. And they don't pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do, like getting all those bloodsucking genetic tests.
  • And I must go because Jerry just woke up from a very rare nap.
  • bye

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