Wednesday, August 24, 2005


  • I'm pre-nesting. Although not yet feeling totally sure about the state of pregnancy, I've begun the pre-labor habit of nesting. Yesterday I spent $82 at Lowe's on home improvement supplies, and I've already got my first coat of primer on my new/old mantle for my new/old fireplace. On Sunday, mother-in-law and I will use a sledgehammer to remove the old hearth and pour a new one with Quik-crete! The husband will spend the weekend frolicking in the backwoods of Maine with his best friend. By frolicking I mean drinking beer/liquor and fishing.
  • Yay: forclosure! After our neighbor went missing we filed a complaint with the city because his lawn was turning into a jungle. That was two months ago. Now, after the bank took his house away they are finally mowing the lawn! And cleaning up all the crap he left around! And making our street not look like a dump anymore! Although I am extremely excited about all this I'm sad for the missing neighbor because he was a nice guy with some apparently really bad decision making skills (i.e. pay your bills or use your money to buy crack??)
  • Cloth diapering. After receiving some Very diaper patterns from my sis-in-law, I'm seriously contemplating the whole cloth diapering bit. I'm not going to go all hippie, but it would give me something to do. We'll see how this pans out.
  • "It's not a party until a car gets thrown in the pool!" Overheard at the birthday party for Jerry's buddies. It was a Star Wars/Napoleon Dynamite/swimming party. And although Nap Dyn is a damn funny movie, it certainly is not appropriate for young children. But I digress.
  • "I'm pretty clever." This is what Jerry now likes to say after hearing his Sean Bhean (grandma) tell him countless times that he is a clever boy. It's all true. He is pretty clever. He spent the morning trying to get me to read books to him. I've read some but not enough, I guess. So I just gave him some carrots and he said, "Carrots are better with books, Mom." The conniving little goober.
  • Hi Hols. I'm back on the blog, at least for today. Buy any ribbon yet?
  • Any movie suggestions? I've missed my last two Saturday excursions to the movies, and the is going away this weekend, so maybe I'll try to go during the week.


H-SPO said...

no ribbon yet. but soon. it is kinda like the knitting thing. i will resume when i feel comfortable where i am living.

H-SPO said...

maybe go see the 40 year old virgin. or maybe not. it was kinda good in a dumb kinda way.

H-SPO said...

no ribbons, but i did order samples of save the date magnets. yes. magnets.