Sunday, August 14, 2005

i'm sure it's sunday

Yes. It sure is Sunday. Tomorrow Jerry and I are off to Buffalo to visit the grandparents and swim in the pool. I don't think it will be as hot in Buffalo as it is here, so hooray.

What is it with me and the movie Brewster's Millions? Every time I see that it is on television I have to watch it. It's insane. So I watched it last night instead of going to the movies. I was tired. And I flipped back and forth between that and Beaches. It sounds pathetic and it was. I was so tired.

Here's another thing. I am kind of obsessed with US Weekly. But I'm getting over it and quickly, too. When I get it in the mail, I've got it read from cover to cover within about 1.5 hours. It's mind numbing and I'm getting sick of it. So on a rare trip to Barnes & Noble to get a pregnancy book that I ended up not getting, I bought Entertainment Weekly. Man. That's still a pretty mindless magazine, but so much less mindless than US Weekly. So I'm going to subscribe to EW once my US subscription runs out. I can't wait. Maybe next year I'll be ready for the New Yorker.

Now we're off to a birthday party for some of Jerry's buddies.

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