Saturday, April 23, 2005

reasons to lift the moratorium

In my knitting world, there has been a moratorium on new yarn purchases. The reasons for buying yarn without a project in mind are beyond my scope of reason, but I do it anyway. Since I have acquired such a large surplus - I took the advice of my sister and stopped buying new yarn...kind of.

There are some very legitimate reasons for adding to your yarn stock during a moratorium:
  1. If you find 100% wool in beautiful heathered colors that is 50% off, you may buy it during a moratorium. In fact, any yarn that is on sale can be bought at any time. Do not give a second thought to the moratorium.
  2. If you have just learned how to knit on double-pointed needles, then you may buy yarn for your very first sock project.
  3. I presume that if it is your birthday, you can buy yarn.
Now I am going to stop and go knit. And then later I am going to see a movie.


Dashiell said...

What movie did you see?

Mandy said...

Oh gosh. Can't you even guess? I saw A Lot Like Love and it was not very good. I thought it would at least be funny, but I only laughed about 3 times. Oh well, Ashton Kutcher is still hot.

h-spo said...

if it is your birthday, you can pretty much do anything.