Thursday, January 26, 2006


Oh, my. Veronica Mars everybody. I woke up this morning and stayed in my bed for about 20 minutes replaying the events of last night's episode over and over in my head. I must be some kind of a freak to like a show this much. I will offer my sincere thanks again to my friend Dashiell for telling me that he thought I might like it. I was all like, "But I don't watch the UPN." And he was all like, "I think you'd like it." So I was all like, "I'll give it a try." And now I'm all get the point. I could go on, but I'll spare you.

In other exciting news:
  • I'm 35 weeks along in the pregnancy, which means I go to see the midwives every week now. I'm getting very excited and a little nervous. I want to pack my suitcase for the birth center, but it's a little early still. I'm making lists of things instead, which suits me fine.*
  • I have a new bedroom and it's big. I don't have to shimmy around my king size bed anymore, and that makes me very happy every time I get up in the middle of the night to help Jerry go peepee. We've rearranged the house so the old TV room is now the bedroom and the old bedroom is now the baby's room. Actually it's not the baby's room yet, it's a room that has piles and piles of junk in it that I have to clean up before my Dad comes to make it into a proper baby's room with paint and shelves and a crib.
  • Speaking of shelves, I bought an unfinished wood one at the craft store and stained it once. I have to stain it again and then I'll use it for keeping my lovely cloth diapers on. Cloth diapers get pee and poop on them, but they're still lovely. You wouldn't understand unless you love fabric and fiber as much as I do.
  • M-in-law and I built a sewing table last Sunday using a solid core door and some table legs. I still have to paint it, but then I can set up my new sewing nook. I also have to build shelves to install above it. I think the nesting is coming on full force.
  • I wrote a birth plan yesterday to take to the midwives. Actually, I used some online tools and just copied and pasted. It's pretty standard for a birth center delivery, but they make you do it anyway. If I have to go to the hospital for any reason, the plan will be much more important. It includes things like: allow me to move around at will during labor and change my labor position as I desire, don't give my baby a bottle or a pacifier, let me hold the baby immediately after birth, don't take that baby away from me you crazy doctor, and other such commands.
  • Knitting Podcasts are the bomb. I've really only listened to the one, but it totally rocks. I was explaining to Gerald how I sat in my chair, knitted my giant sock, listened to the archived podcast, tried to keep Jerry relatively quiet and occupied, and became overwhelmingly happy. He kept trying to talk about football, but now I understand a little better how he feels about sports radio.
  • The DVR is just a glorified VCR - minus the tape, of course, but it's still pretty neat. I bet you can get a real Tivo that has many more exciting and convenient features, but for now I'm content. The trouble is that I think you have to make sure that the correct channel is tuned before you can expect it to record the program. If I hadn't checked it last night when Veronica began, I might have ended up with an hour of Bones and puffy eyes this morning with all they crying over that potentially devastating mistake. Now I know. I bet I can tell it to go to the channel by itself at a certain time. I'll have to investigate.
*That is a lie. I'm not actually making lists yet, I am just thinking about it. For the record, I'm on James Frey's side about the whole memoir crap. Do you think I always tell you the truth, blog readers? Of course not, I wouldn't be half as hilarious if I did. Now that's funny.

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