Wednesday, January 25, 2006

training continues

Yes, I started a sock. But not the Olympic socks. It actually is the right size for The Giant of Knockmany Hill, but it's just training so who cares? I know now that I can turn a heel and form a heel gusset and other such things pertaining to socks. The pattern I used is from these folks here. It's quite straightforward. The largeness is my fault because I didn't check guage but I hate the colorway of the yarn anyway so I'll probably just rip it out when I'm done training.

I am greatly encouraged about my Olympic endeavor now. I cast this on last night [while watching American Idol in Greensboro!!] and look how far I got! I know, I know, it's only stockinette. But like I said before, the jaywalker sock pattern is very straightforward and I think I'll be able to make a pair in 16 days.

Here's the thing. There are all these knitters participating in the Olympics and there are buttons to put on your blogs to say which team you're playing for. HOW DO I PUT BUTTONS ON MY BLOG? PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME! HELP ME! I want to play with the big kids! I'm a member of the USA Sock Knitters Team, but no one knows! HELP.


Sarah said...

do they have the code for the buttons, to copy and paste into your template?

Mandy said...

i think so. well, maybe. i'll let you know.

Mandy said...

i copied the image location. this is the general knitting olympics button

here's the sock knitters logo i want, too

does this even help?

Knit Wit said...

you have to save it to your computer and then insert it just like any other image

If you want it in the side panel instead of in a post, you will have to edit the HTML of your template. LMK if you wanna do that I'll talk you through it :)