Saturday, January 14, 2006

I've been reading knitting blogs.

Here are some I check frequently:

Fig & Plum - scroll down to see the Norwegian Stockings. Someday I will make Norwegian Stockings.
Grumperina - a master knitter who has never knit a hat. Hats are all I'm good at! Go figure. And author of the Jaywalker sock that is all the rage. Free pattern.
Yarn Harlot - author of this book that I have that is real funny. She has two major strikes against her but I can ignore the strikes because the blog is pretty great. The strikes are 1) she's Canadian and 2) she talks about her cat.

Aside: Lots of knitters talk about their cats. It's usually pretty annoying. There's pictures of shawls and pictures of cats in every entry. If the yarn talk outweighs the cat talk, then I can deal. But if the cat is giving it's opinion on every knitted object, I move on.

see eunny knit! - This blogger has lost me with her in depth discussion of steeks. You can't even find a definition of steek in the dictionary! Nonetheless, if you look at some of her finished objects, they are nothing short of extraordinary.


stephanie said...

I see your point about the cat...
What's wrong with being Canadian?

Mandy said...

Oh dear, I feel like such a clot. I do apologize.

The thing with Canada is the proximity of my hometown, Buffalo NY, to your country. For no apparent reason, people in Buffalo just make fun of Canada. I have no idea why, as there is nothing to substantiate it. Besides, we loved being so close to your country because we could go there to drink beer and other adult beverages when we were just 19.

stephanie said...

Fair enough. I'll admit that there may be a Canadian joke or two about Buffalo. (Many of them about 19 year old Americans hopping the border for a drink...)
What you're saying is that it's more of a grudge match than a policy...right?

Mandy said...

There is certainly no policy about Canada. My husband confirms that "Canadians are very nice." He drove through once on his way to Alaska and once on his way back. He mumbled something about ice in his soda...but he's awfully picky about such things.

Nonetheless, the whole point of this was to say your blog is way cool, so is the book you wrote, and so is your knitting. Sorry I had to spoil it all with my whole "two strikes against her" thing.

Stephanie said...

Not spoiled at all. Quite lovely to be mentioned.

Sarah said...

oh my gosh, that butterfly dress is AMAZING.

that is all I have to say. Except for some reason, the text on your blog is hidden to me until I mouse over it.