Sunday, January 15, 2006

chapter 1: in which mandy goes on and on...

  • Before you ask how my knitting lesson went, it didn't. Only one real person signed up, and the store owner was going to be out of town and the other instructor...blah blah blah. It didn't end up as magically as it began. I think that I can sense that the store owner isn't flaky, even though her name is Kim. But if I wanted to teach a class before new baby comes it would have been really beneficial to start the process. She is going to try to work something out for me, but I don't really see it working. Maybe over the summer.
  • I treated myself to a matinee of Brokeback Mountain yesterday. The theater was packed full. I'll admit for the first twenty minutes I couldn't stop thinking "gay cowboy," but as I've heard it described many times it really was a tender, epic love story and I liked it a lot. It made me cry. I was annoyed by the snickering women sitting behind me who seemed like they were there only to watch the two hottie cowboys make out. They snickered! A lot! It's definitely not a snickering type of movie.
  • I've liked Heath Ledger since 10 Things I Hate About You.
  • This whole pregnancy thing is really catching up with me. You know, I've felt really great during my whole pregnancy. Besides the first trimester, but even that wasn't that bad. Now, as I'm nearing my 34th week I'm starting to be all pregnant. I think I'm waddling more. I can't get to sleep. Then I toss and turn all night. Then in the morning when I wake up at 6am I can't get back to sleep. The heartburn is getting worse. I have to pee a lot all the time. I'm getting nervous feelings about labor & delivery. I'm having dreams about packing luggage and not being able to find things that I need. I don't feel ready. I'm finally gaining lots of weight, which is good for the baby, bad for the wedding I'm in in April. I'm tired tired tired.
  • So enough complaining. Yesterday Gerald did the jobs I was waiting for him to do so that we can start getting things rearranged in the house so we have a baby's room. He moved the satellite dish cable so we can move our TV. And he took out the huge ass wood burning stove that we never used so I can finally build my new sewing table. These are big steps in the direction of getting ready. I just wish the nesting would kick in and I would start feeling motivated. Mother-in-law is coming over today and if I am prepared with a job for her, then we'll totally get something done.
  • Sarah, why can't you see my blog? That is perplexing. I can't even attempt to figure out a reason because even if I knew a reason, what would I do with that information???

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tracy said...

so it appears that my seahawks will be playing your panthers to see who can go to the superbowl. may the best team win...of course i think it will be the seahawks :p