Friday, January 13, 2006

Augustine Island, AK

I've nothing to say. The bloggness has left me as of late. But h-spo sent me a link of an active volcano in Alaska. It's friggin cool, but there ain't much daylight in the Far North these days, so be sure to look during AK daylight hours. I could probably tell you when daylight is up there, but you are smart, so figure it out yourself. It's about 3pm on the East Coast right now, and I can see it fine. Here's the link. Have fun.

And now for some photos I know you're dying to see:

A bunch of cut fabric and two wool soakers in progress. Gender neutral is making me gag.

The result my first time successfully using the serger and the snap press. Don't look too closely because it's pretty messy. As in - sewn poorly.

And since you've been so patient as I sit here and gab about a snap press without actually telling you what it is...Ta da!
It comes from China. It's expensive. It's all the rage among work at home cloth diapering moms. I am sharing it with my sis-in-law. I used it to put the snaps on the diaper above. It's frustrating because if you push too hard you break the snaps and if you don't push hard enough they don't set and you've ruined the snaps.

And I think it might put me into early labor. My arms are tired from just one diaper.

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