Wednesday, January 11, 2006

As if all the yarn wasn't enough!

Today I decided to dive head first into The Great Cloth Diapering Adventure of 2006. Thanks to the generous donations from my sister-in-law (serger, snap press, and piles of fabric) I am well supplied for the adventure.

Cloth Diapering Fabric up the Wazoo
The thing about all this fabric is that I could probably benefit from an even larger stash. I don't have many "thirsty" fabrics to make the little dipes, but I'm making it work.

I did all the cutting at the kitchen table today. Oh, the cutting mat was also a donation from the sis-in-law.

So I'm feeling pretty out of it. My poor little pregnant mind can't take much stuff clogging it up and what with the knitting, the sewing, and the complete disregard for household chores...I'm feeling foggy. Things are a mess and my ear is still plugged up from being sick and I don't feel balanced and I can't find any focus.

Nonetheless, I have formulated a preliminary plan for the diapering. This is what I plan on making (This list isn't for you, folks, it's for me. Get over it.).
  1. 3 dozen prefolds. I'll split this between newborn size and regular size. No more diaper pins in today's world - I'll buy some snappis.
  2. 8-10 PUL covers. I probably won't need this many but I have so many cute fabrics to use that I may as well.
  3. 10-ish fitted diapers. Thanks to the sis-in-law and her stretchy fabric donations. If I was only using the fitted diapers I'd need at least 3 dozen, but since they're mucho expensivo to make, I'll stick with prefolds and use these cute things for whenever I leave the house and need to show off a cute cloth-diapered bum.
  4. 2 wool covers. Just an interlock wool fabric that is felted and then made into a cover with snaps. Also expensivo but sis-in-law to the rescue again. Did you know wool is naturally antibacterial and water repellent? If they get peed on, you just let them air dry. If they get pooped on, now that's another story. Then they need laundering.
  5. Wool soakers. These I'll knit with some string and some sticks. I have patterns but I haven't made one yet. I'll probably make 3 or 4. Just like the wool interlock, they are antibacterial, they go on over the fitted diaper or prefold, and they just need to air dry. If they're soiled, then I wash by hand.
  6. Cloth wipes. I'll use scraps to make a bunch of wipes that I'll soak in a solution of water, baby wash, baby oil, lavender and tea tree oil. They clean messes better than sposie wipes and they smell really good.
I'm trying not to think about what I'm going to do once the baby grows out of this nice little stash I'm putting so much energy into. Some people buy used diapers. I could sell them and then use the cash to buy a) more supplies or b) bigger gently used diapers. Who knows. One thing at a time. If I can make it past April 22 with this stash I'll be happy.

Jerry just asked me to take a picture "in the back." He means take a picture of his ass because he's mooning me. Nice. Where does he get this stuff?

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