Wednesday, December 14, 2005


So I called my new friend and invited myself over for a playdate. It's just like a first date. I'm nervous and excited. I'm wondering what I should wear. I guess when you don't have any friends like me, it turns you into a big huge dork wad.

I wish I was better at making friends. For my sake as well as Jerry's.


tracy said...

i totally understand the friends thing. yes i have "friends" but not super close friends. luckily i have met a really cool girl in my program and i see us becoming really close friends. i want her to like me back too, and i think she does. attaining close friends while in a relationship is hard, b/c jason is my best friend already, but i do realize that i need some close girlfriends too.

Sarah said...

I am so rooting for you on your mommy date.