Thursday, December 15, 2005

one two three

  1. Happy Birthday, Hols. You are getting old.
  2. We're having an ice event here. One-quarter of an inch is predicted, and it's already pretty icy out there. Three years ago we lost power for a week and had to spend time in a hotel with 1-yr-old Jerry due to an ice event. The worst part is that Gerald will probably have to work on Saturday which always sucks a big one, but is even worse because Saturday is his birthday.
  3. My playdate turned out good but started out funny. When I arrived there was a babysitter there watching the children. Odd. Linda (the mommy) had tried calling to say she had somewhere to be, but I was already off to see the midwives. But she finally arrived, we had tea, and the boys played nicely. I think we'll set up another playdate next week sometime at my house. About Linda: she's going through a yucky divorce, had two really really cute (i mean abercrombie-cute) college age yard guys tending her yard while I was there, and is much older than she looks.
  4. I didn't tell you all (y'all) before, but when I first met my new friend she started breastfeeding her 14 mo. old -- in public! I knew it was a match made in attachment parenting heaven. You just don't come across those folks by chance very often. If only she would have been wearing a sling...
  5. Last night we watched the Grinch. It was pretty fun for Jerry. He was a little dissappointed because in the book the line is "he called his dog Max, he took some RED thread and he tied a big horn on the top of his head." The movie says BLACK thread for some reason. Actually lots of the words are different, I don't know why that's the one he noticed.
  6. So we watched the Grinch, brushed teeth, read books, then I laid with Jerry in his bed - AND FELL ASLEEP UNTIL 11PM! I was pissed because I finally realized that Alias is now on Wednesday night and I was totally going to watch it (Vaughan is back, apparently) and I slept right through. It's a good thing I have an Alias connection. Its also a good thing that Veronica was a rerun because I would have been double pissed. Liked, pissed pissed.
  7. I am gestating. I am 29 weeks along as of yesterday.
  8. Yesterday we put up our tree. Jerry danced around it singing: "Our Christmas tree is love-ly, Our Christmas tree is love-ly." It was cute. Perhaps today we'll put the decorations on. He used to call them decelations.
  9. One more thing about Jerry and then I'm done. The other day he was playing at the kitchen table and I swear he was saying: The Golden Crap! The Golden Crap! I have no idea where it came from. So yesterday when I had all the peanut butter balls sitting on the kitchen table I couldn't help thinking he had been foreshadowing their appearance in our lives. Peanut Butter Balls = Golden Crap! Eureka!
  10. I should have ten things, right? Right! So good day to you! I love you all! Peace out.

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