Saturday, December 03, 2005

my mom's china pattern

Here it is.


Sarah said...

that's very nice. sorry I didn't suggest a movie. The only one I could think of was "overboard," for some reason, but I figured you would have seen it 80 million times.

Mandy said...

yea, I watch overboard every time it comes on tv.

but so far my queue includes the following:
Ladder 49 (gerald)
eternal sunshine...
polar express (we have read the book)
hotel rwanda
city of god
legally blonde 2
bottle rocket
in america
coach carter
maria full of grace
peter pan (kathy rigby, 1997)

i would go for tv shows on dvd, except i want to get the most bang for my non-buck. i don't want to spend a week watching entourage when i could watch like 4 movies in a week.

Sarah said...

did you see the life aquatic with steve zissou?

Mandy said...

nope. i should queue it up.

Sarah said...

yes, it is fantastic. I cried (although I don't know if you're supposed to).

H-SPO said...

don't be mislead...season 1 of entourage doesn't have that many episodes. if you were serious, you could bang it out in a day.

Mandy said...

unfortunately, i'm not that serious, seeing as i have a small child under my supervision for about 12 of my 14 waking hours.