Sunday, December 04, 2005

mom is a genius

I've whined and complained about how I can't make pies in the South for about two years. My mother, a self-described shortening snob, sheepishly suggested that instead of the cheap-o brand, I try Crisco. Holy Crap. She was right! I made the best pie ever today, after a quick trip to the supermarket for a small jug of Crisco.

Who knew? Well, I should have known. I stand staunchly by Walmart's "Great Value" store brand, but I should have known Food Lion's store brand was crap after I tried to save a buck by purchasing their peanut butter. It was totally yucky.

Food Lion store brand = poo
Walmart store brand = not so much

Now I'm going to go eat my delicious pie until I burst, and then watch Gray's Anatomy.


H-SPO said...

wasnt' i the one who told you to use crisco?

Mandy said...

are you freakin kidding me? if you're not than blame it on the preggers factor, but i totally thought it was mom.

H-SPO said...

i almost blamed it on the preggers, by saying, "what? is the baby sucking the brain out of your head?" but then i thought that you'd get pissed. i'm glad that you brought it up.

maybe, as per our conversation, is was mom. she is quite the genius.

like when she knows we have our periods.


Mandy said...

As per your comment...

That's one thing I really like about being pregnant: I can get away with being forgetful. See, I'm always forgetful, but when I'm pregnant it's more forgiveable. Maybe when I'm not pregnant anymore I should take ginko biloba or something.