Thursday, December 29, 2005

just pieces and bits

  1. I casually asked my mom if she knew what a blog was. She did. I more casually mentioned that I have one. She didn't seem the least bit interested in it.
  2. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.
  3. All last night I dreamt/thought about a scarf that doesn't exist. See, my mom bought me this rather expensive yarn to make a hat from a pattern that I got from my new knitting magazine. Well, I got the yarn home, made a couple of guage swatches for the record, executed a provisional cast-on for the very first time ever no joke, and then proceeded to fumble throught the first 13 rows of the pattern with no understanding of why I was doing what. Don't you like to know the why of a pattern? Well I do. So that's why there was dreams of a scarf. I must have decided in my dream to forget about the dumb (but oh, so pretty) hat and just make a scarf.
  4. Maybe it was because my mom was sitting in my knitting chair so I couldn't properly concentrate and I was awfully uncomfortable sitting on the floor trying to knit a hat on size 4 needles.
  5. I suspect that in the next bunch of weeks you may hear me says things like "and I was so freakin' uncomfortable I can't tell you" a lot.
  6. I got a good picture of our tree on Christmas morning before anyone was awake.
  7. My favorite Christmas present? Perhaps the tea kettle I picked out myself. I've been using it a bunch with the new teabags Gerald gave me. I also like the Bob Dylan CD that Holly sent. It's totally rockin. The nursing bras my mom gave me from Title 9 will probably get the most use. Gerald got me a subscription to a knitting magazine that comes four times a year, so every time that comes I will be surprised and delighted. There's probably more that I'm just forgetting.
  8. Jerry's favorite Christmas present? It's hard to tell. He really likes the Nerf gun. And all the Playmobil things make him really excited and take up lots of creative playing time. He got new bug Wellies. And a huge box of Legos. And new dragon slippers. But he was just happy about everything.
  9. I'm hungry for breakfast and I must go.


Sarah said...

one must be careful what one blogs when one's mother reads one's blog.

P.S., we mailed your present today. Jerry's present will arrive seperately.

H-SPO said...

i love that when i click on the picture to make it bigger i can see the bob dylan cd all wrapped up.


Mandy said...

sarah, was it you that called and wouldn't tell my dad who it was? you silly goose.

Sarah said...

! I totally identified myself, I said it's Mandy's friend Sarah !

P.S., check out my blog, wouldja?