Friday, December 23, 2005

i keep messing up this damn post this time it had better work

I woke up this morning in a pissed off funk. Don't know why. Maybe because I stayed up later than usual last night. Maybe because today is cleaning day because mother-in-law is coming over tomorrow. Maybe because Jerry was running around like crazy and being loud and I'm not so much into crazy/loud when I first wake up. Maybe because I'm finally sick of listening to "Non-Stop Christmas Favorites."

Gerald said what he always says when I'm being pissy: "Just decide to be happy and be happy." Which always pisses me off even more, and I start slamming cupboards a little louder than normal, and I wipe the counters because I'm obsessive like that, and I keep my head down and stomp around, and then I realize that he's right.

So I recalled why I stayed up so late - the pink slippers.

And so I put Counting Crows on the compact disc player, then I sat down in my knitting chair with a cup of hot tea and performed a very satisfying three-needle bind off on my new slippers.

Goodbye Orange Crush, hello Raspberry Sherbert!

-Cascade 220: 100% Peruvian Highland Wool (color #7802)
-Handpaint Originals from Brown Sheep Company: 70% Mohair, 30% Wool (color HP40 Strawberry Patch) [hols, i think you used this for that blue/green hat. it's very similario.] Posted by Picasa


H-SPO said...

ooooooooooo. i LOVE the handpainted originals. they are yummy enough to eat. speaking of the counting crows, jose bought a new cd and it is fab. brandi carlile. if you take back the cd that for some reason you have two of, you could buy this one (for yourself).

oh, and btw, i totally don't get the three needle bind off. i think i do it differently every time i do it.

Mandy said...

i love the three needle bind off. i think that the felting book i own has diagrams, which may be why i know how to do it so fantastically. didn't i explain it to you once in an email?

H-SPO said...

probably. and knowing my memory, i probably forgot the whole interaction. that's why jose and i have a great relationship. because every time he tells me something, it is just like the first time.

Anne said...

! I just realized, my first official knitting project ever, from a kit, was slippers - I made them in 5th grade! If I could do it back then, I could probly do it again, hunh?