Thursday, December 22, 2005

I have sad feet.

Everything comes together. Just as I am finally knitting the slippers for Gerald, the slippers he's been waiting for almost a year, my own slippers finally decide to bite the dust.

What does this mean? Do I sit around my house in my slippers too much? Am I being punished for loving them just a little more than I should? Should I be looking for some kind of a sign?

"Whatever the reason, his heart or his shoes, he stood there on Christmas Eve hating the Who's."

That's from the Grinch. I don't know why it comes to mind, other than I'm hoping the slippers stay together just long enough to warm my toes on Christmas morning. Otherwise, I'm going to be pissed. I'm going to feel Grinch-y.

Also, now Gerald is going to have toasty warm slippers, which he may or may not wear, while I have to wait until I knit and felt another pair for myself.

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Sarah said...

I'm sorry you're sad about your slippers, but I am amazed that you know how to knit slippers.

H-SPO said...

i think you should add a wee little hoo patch and then cover them with suede slipper bottoms.

Mandy said...

i would repair, if i hadn't already bought yarn for slippers, version 2.0. i'm quickly getting over the loss of the orange slippers. the new ones will be pink. PINK! Yahoo! But i'll definitely use slipper bottoms this time. actually the reason i didn't use slipper bottoms the first time was because i told the yarn store to call me when the right size came in and i'm still waiting for the call.

and actually sarah, the pattern is not that hard, and it's quite fulfilling. it doesn't take a long time, and you get to do lots of different types of stitches and crap. and then you're done and you have slippers and you feel like the woman of the year. no kidding. knitting might be your sign from god. go to the library and get a good knitting book. it might lift your spirits.

Sarah said...

I'm going to go get knitting for dummies, because I can't read knitting patterns.

Or purl.

However, I made fabulous cookies today.

Mandy said...

nothing better than cookies! as evidenced by the lack of them in my house. i'll admit i gave some away, but most were consumed by me.