Sunday, October 16, 2005


  1. It's my birthday weekend. The cinnamon rolls that Gerald bought at Walmart yesterday in honor of this sacred celebration didn't make it home. The charge appears on his receipt, but they are nowhere to be found. It has been a somber morning.
  2. Last night I killed the third roach we've seen in as many weeks. It is a small crisis in the house of an exterminator. It is also a secret, so don't tell any of Gerald's clients or co-workers. It makes me want to barf a little, but I know I've got the best man on the job so that's reassuring.
  3. Elizabethtown was not good. I had to watch Say Anything last night to allow Mr. Crowe to redeem himself. If I had Almost Famous on tape/dvd I would have also watched that. Say Anything must be one of my top 5 movies of all time, because it felt so damn good to watch it. "Joe lies" - that kills me every time.
  4. There's this website where you can sell handmade stuff, so I'm trying to sell some shit there. Here's my store. Frankly, I wonder whether anyone sells anything on this site. But there's lots of cool things to buy, especially if you are looking for unique, handmade, and mostly affordable gifts for people.
  5. Speaking of gifts. Yesterday - as part of my birthday weekend - I spent the day knitting, planning my knitted Christmas gifts, and doing an inventory of my yarn stash and needles. It was so fun! My old knitting partner and I had vowed to start knitting for Christmas in July...that never happened. Partly because we don't knit together much anymore. I'm not sure why, we just don't. But nonetheless, I've finally started.
  6. And Holly, if you're knitting crap for Mom & Dad & Ed & Jose let me know what you're planning so we don't both give them the same knitted crap.
  7. Paula Deen, the breakout star of Elizabethtown, is my new favorite Food Network chef.
  8. Mom is learning how to knit with a bunch of her fellow retirees.
  9. Our fantasy football team, Big Blue, is 3-2. We're at the top of the league for scoring. Unfortunately we had to let go of JP Losman. All of our players this week are from the Giants and the Panthers, so they better bring it. Eli Manning is proving to be a force. And the Bills defense, which finished #1 last year, is stinking it up this year, so we've got the Panthers on D this week. Gerald does all the strategizing. I just do all the listening and nodding and cheering if Steve Smith scores.
  10. Oh, and speaking of football. Yesterday was the USC/Notre Dame game. Gerald, a ND fan, taped the game and spent the day outside playing with Jerry because the weather was so freakin nice. Anyway, the tape was messed up and unwatchable. When he decided to finally turn it off and see what the final score was the commentator said something like, "Well folks, you just witnessed the greatest football game ever played." Yet another day where DVR seems absolutely necessary.
  11. that is all.


tracy said...

happy birthday momma!!!!!!!!!! i don't know exactly the date, but i just finished reading about your birthday weekend and it is october, so it must be your birthday. i'm so out of the loop with everything. so, yeah, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

ps....i just had to write the word "pinbut" so i could add my comment" what the hell is a pinbut???

Mandy said...

i've been waiting for my word verification to spell something. you've lucked out with pinbut. i wish i had a pin but. and my birthday weekend will officially end tuesday (oct.18) but i think i'll extend it to include veronica on wed. evening.

Anne said...

Hi Mandy -

Have enjoyed your posts tremendously. A thought - with your sewing skills, perhaps you could make a pincushion, like two of those old-fashioned tomato kinds sewn together (the Siamese way they sometimes grow on the vine when adjacent) in a peachy colored fabric, thus inventing the "pinbut" - probably should be trademarked "PinButt". Marketing possibilities - voodoo for seamstresses.

Sarah said...

I'm such a jackass. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I was thinking about you all day, even though I know it isn't your birthday today. What a jackass I am.
Happy birthday.
Oh, phooey.