Thursday, October 13, 2005

"mandy needs"

it's early. Jerry's not up yet. I found this and decided to try. It was so funny that I thought I'd let you in on it. I was hooked after the first match I read.

This is what you do.
Visit google.
Type your search: "(your name) needs", including the quotes like I did.
e.g. I typed "Mandy needs"
list your 5 favorite results.

  1. Mandy needs a knight in shining armour
  2. Mandy needs a thorough physical examination and some tests
  3. Mandy needs a place in the home that is hers, even if the room is used for other purposes while she is away
  4. The best place for all your mandy needs!
  5. I completely agree that Mandy needs us.
  6. Mandy needs an obsession
  7. All Mandy needs is a new home and someone to love her.
  8. You are right, Mandy needs the human touch that only traditional animation could give her.
  9. Mandy needs a 6 ft. wooden fence as she can sail over 4 ft. fences!
  10. While she doesn't trust him, Mandy needs him in order to get the financial information she needs on her ex-husband.
I know I said 5. But it was too fun! And now, Jerry is up.


H-SPO said...

Holly needs help in her olympic efforts.

Holly needs some free legal advise.

Holly needs some more details to fire up her own fantasies.

Holly needs both male and female plants for maximum berry production.

Holly needs to stop being too whiny.

I think Holly needs to stop trying to sell her body and concentrate on singing a bit better.

Mandy said...

male and female plants...maximum berry production...

i'm rolling on the floor laughing (or rofl-ing)

singing a bit better...

now wasn't that fun! so fun i think i just peed my pants a bit.

H-SPO said...

Jerry needs to abandon his eschatological schizophrenia and embrace biblical

ha ha.

Mandy said...

You clever bitch. I didn't even think of doing that...

Jose needs help in the bathroom.

Homer needs to gain 61 lbs in order to be classified as disabled and thus be allowed to work at home.

Sarah said...

"Sarah needs someone who can escort her from port to port."

Re your other entry, you and rachel ray sound so much alike it's eerie.

Mandy said...

It's not the first time someone has said I am like Rachel Ray.

BTW-I read in my new "big issue" of TVGuide that Rachel Ray got married.