Sunday, October 02, 2005

it's alive.

oh my gosh. can you believe that this is the fabric i have chosen for my slipcover? it is very wavy and wormy and i love it. the picture shows it draped over the pheasant chair. when it is done it should looked polished and delightful, if all goes as planned.

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i have just returned from the fabric store and i am in shock from the amount of money i just spent on fabric. $ hundreds of dollars $ . i'm lucky to have investors -- the trick is to prove to those investors that i have the skills to turn the pheasant chair into a lovely professional-looking lounger. then maybe their financial involvement will continue when i move onto the next room. i also bought the fabric for the valances and the curtains. all i need is an inventive form of lining for my curtains. i think i will use sheets. cheap ones from walmart.

this whole slipcover thing is a big undertaking for me. i will need a great deal of stamina and patience, qualities that i really don't have in large amounts all of the time. stamina. patience. i know i can sew, i just need the patience to finish this large project.

updates to follow, but they will not likely come for a long time.

p.s. does my blog match my fabric? indeed it does. all good things come in green, or so it seems.

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