Saturday, October 01, 2005

don't ever tell me i'm crazy again, unless in jest

I'm fuming mad.

I come back from vacation earlier today. I play around the house for a while doing this and that. I go to check my tape in my vcr to see if Veronica Mars got taped. I am pretty calm because I am pretty confident in my ability to set the vcr because I am a smart girl.

I display the timer on the screen. I rewind for about an hour. I hit play. I watch the last minute of Wednesday's season premiere episode. I realize that when I set the clock on the tv I was an hour off, and I now have a whole hour of Judge Joe Brown on tape for eternity. I start slamming doors because I am so angry. Gerald comes in and asks if I am mad and I say, "yes." I say "could you please close the door." He says, "you're mad about a tv show?" and I say "yes." and he says, "you're crazy."

I'm still angry and I will be until I tell you I'm not. I will accept that it is only TV. I will accept that I can see it again in reruns. I will also accept the fact that I am not watching my video right now because I incorrectly set the clock on my television. But that doesn't mean I can't be angry. If ever tivo is deemed worth it to me, it is right now. Oh I am so angry.

***Editor's Update***

About 20 minutes after I blogged this, a light came on in my head, and I am decidedly more upbeat now. The light was this: during the summer when I was watching Veronica reruns I would notice that the episodes would be on Saturday nights, too. When I realized it was Saturday I rushed to my television and used the on-screen guide that is so conveniently included with my satellite dish to determine that, yes, the lovely UPN will be airing the season premiere again tonight. Oh I love the UPN. Let's all hope that the satellite dish isn't lying to me, which it sometimes does. See, I really don't need tivo (unless you're talking about thursday nights, and then I actually do wish I has me some tivo action.)


Dashiell said...

what'd you think?

Mandy said...

I was thoroughly entertained. As fun as it would have been to see V as a bitchy waitress, I'm very glad she's back to solving crimes. And the bus - what a shocker! Can't wait for Wednesday.

I don't know what to think about the whole Logan/Duncan thing. The way she's jumping from rich boy to rich boy says total "oh-niner" to me, but she's so not "oh-niner." And last season I went from hating Logan to loving him and hoping it was him at the door and now I'm already hating him again. And why do I think Duncan is a pussy? I don't know. Nonetheless, I'll be tuning in.

What did you think, Mr. TV Man? Any thoughts on Lost?