Monday, October 24, 2005

It just keeps getting better.

Check this out. Gerald found a better hat at Walmart. I've made the vest, sash and bandana. But the white puffy shirt and black pants aren't even sewn yet. I could quit right now and call it a day. But I think I'll finish, despite the fact that the shirt pattern calls for lots of basting and bunching of fabric - things I don't normally have patience for.

And why, you wonder, are these pictures taken on my bed? It's because the only time Jerry can see himself in a mirror is when he stands on the bed and looks at the dresser mirror. He loves it, although he's already taken the whole costume off. I'm not worried about this, though. Last year he would keep his doggie costume on for about 1.5 seconds while I was trying to sew it and fit it for him. Then Halloween night came and he kept it on all night, hood and all. He was a real trooper. He carried his pumpkin bucket all by himself while trick-or-treating and we were appalled when we realized the weight of the candy he had acquired.

I'm done talking about this now. Goodbye.

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Sarah said...

you have inspired my mother to post pictures of all the halloween costumes she made me and brendan on her blog. if she can find them....(ha ha haaa)

Mandy said...

ooohhhh. i can't wait! I wonder if I have Jerry's first three Halloween costumes in digital picture format: football, cowboy, dog...

i'm really trying to bore my readership to death here.