Monday, October 24, 2005

62 days to go

Knitted Gifts for Christmas: Status
  • Gifts Complete: 1
  • Gifts in Progress: 2
  • Gifts to Go: 7011
I know this is getting old. But it's my little motivational tool to keep me going. Here's the dilemma: I just got the gigantic box of yarn that I purchased online. Am I supposed to continue working on the two projects I have going when I could start on something new and exciting? I don't know the right answer, but I'm going to start something new. I just don't have all the necessary needles yet, which is baffling because it seems like I've bought a whole shitload.* And you know what? My Joann's has started selling Clover Bamboos and you can use your 50% off coupon. Let me say that again - YOU CAN USE YOUR 50% OFF COUPON!!!!!!!!!! When have you ever seen bamboo needles at 50% off? Never! And even if you live in the boondocks - say, Alaska - you can sign up to get the coupons online or in the mail, and they always offer a 40% off coupon for online purchases. See how much I love coupons! The only trouble is that you only get one or two coupons a month and sometimes the knitting gods demand that you start a new project immediately and you need to go get those size 13 DPNs at the nearest yarn store as soon as humanly possible. But still.

* If you're not familiar with a shitload, it's a lot.

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