Tuesday, October 18, 2005


  1. Jerry says, while washing his hands this morning, "Our bathroom is really old." I say, "It sure it," acknowledging our horrible excuse for a bathroom. It's so bad that I will not ever take a picture until we're financially ready to knock it down and start anew. Then he says, "It's like (pause) 26 years old." We had just discussed my age, which to my little bubba, is very old.
  2. But I don't feel old. I just feel pregnant. And being pregnant makes me feel youthful, sort of.
  3. Since I know you're out there, Jurgi, I must relate this story: I do the dishes about 95% of the time. Not surprising because I make the dinner never. So one night I was trying to clean the stainless steel saute pan. Usually I remark on how stainless steel is so much better at being non-stick than non-stick pans. But there had been an incident with burning the taco meat, and the black bits on the bottom of the pan weren't budging. I said to Gerald, who hardly ever burns anything, "I'm done trying to clean this." And he said, "Now you know how Cheri feels."
  4. Happy Alaska Day!
  5. And of course. Happy Birthday to Me!
  6. This morning I received some hilarious Hoops & Yoyo birthday e-cards. You can see samples (and you better, cause they're damn funny) here.
  7. I also received an Alaska Day e-card. It made me laugh, too.
  8. What am I going to do on my special day, you ask? Well first, I'm going to insist that Jerry gives me as many hugs and kisses as I ask for. Birthdays are so much better when you have kids that love you. Then I'm going to deposit my birthday check from my mother-in-law. Then I'm going to buy knitting needles (at my local yarn store, which is not local at all) and yarn (online).
  9. Said mother-in-law gave me the best present ever (besides the cash-money). A bowl-full of her famous cauliflower casserole. Oh my. If you've never had it, then you've never experienced cauliflower, cream, butter, cheese and other clogging things like this before. If you want some, you can come over tonight and have some. We're having bratwursts and cauliflower casserole and key-lime cheesecake. My birthday dinner! Jurgen, even though you're notorious for burning crap, at least you mentored my husband is the ways of the brat. Thank you.


tracy said...

happy for real birthday!!!

also, i made a mention of you on my blog, so you should check it out.

Sarah said...

Yes, happy real birthday and me too blog and damnit Tracy, you made me look like a total copier.

Mandy said...

thanks guys. i'll check out your blogger mcbloggies pronto.