Monday, October 17, 2005

christmas countdown

Knitted Gifts for Christmas: Status
  • one gift complete
  • seventy-eleven* to go
I have four nieces and nephews, ages baby to 7, and I need knitted gift ideas for them.

*seventy-eleven is something my mother-in-law, from Ireland, says when she means a whole shitload.


jurgi said...

How about the mittens attached by a long string so that parents can loop them around the child through both arm holes and nver loose the mittens. KNow what I mean?

Mandy said...

I totally think mittens are a great idea. especially the ones with the string.

but here's they facts: 1. they live in SC. 2. i've never knit mittens (though I am relatively confident in my ability to at least try). 3. for 4 children that's 8 mittens and lots 'o stamina. 4. i don't have another fact. it's a good idea and i should just do it.