Tuesday, August 09, 2005


  1. Dye Lots. I went to the hobby lobby today to see if I could find the same dye lot of a yarn that I bought months ago. Crap shoot, right? Wrong-o. I found two more skeins. Not that I had run out, I just wanted to tempt the fates. I won.
  2. Pie Dough. I was craving blueberry pie, but really all I wanted was the crust. So I made a pie crust, rolled it out, slapped some butter, sugar and cinnamon on it, baked it for a while and voila. Jerry and I feel like kings and queens around here, snacking on homemade pastries.
  3. Denim and Camo. I bought Jerry some new jeans and some camoflage pants last Friday. I can't wait for him to actually go to school so I can do "back to school" shopping for real. I LOVE back to school shopping. I even bought him a backpack.
  4. Pink Quilt. I just made a quilt for new baby. I am an inexperienced quiltmaker so I'm not great at choosing colors. Anyway, I used pink & blue since we don't know if it is a boy or girl yet. Needless to say, it looks really pink and really girlie. I did not mean to do that. Hey, I'm not the only one hoping it's a girl (grandpa).

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