Wednesday, July 06, 2005

tuesday was yesterday

I keep forgetting to do my fives on Tuesday. Here goes, a day late:
  1. Books on Tape. Jerry likes listening to them while I write my blog. Awfully convenient, especially since the only other way I'd get peace and quiet is plopping him in front of the television, which is not so great in large quantities.
  2. Sewing in my Bedroom. I've moved my sewing table into my room because husband likes to watch television at night and it's kind of hard to get any sewing done whilst waiting for commercial breaks. I bought a light to illuminate my workspace and last night made the cutest straight needle carrying case ever (for long needles). It's got apples on it. I will post a picture later.
  3. Mary Jo's. I got a lead on an enormous cloth store in Gastonia, NC. In the coming weeks I am going to try to plan a f.s.e.m. (fabric stash enhancement mission) some Saturday. They stock Michael Miller, although none of you know what that means.
  4. Tour. Stage 5 was uneventful for the most part. Most importantly, Lance remains in yellow. The worst part of the coverage is that they have had interviews with Sheryl Crow. Okay, okay, I'm riveted by her every word and am enchanted by celebrity couples but the truth is I'm interested in the race because I think Lance Armstrong's life story is incredible and he is a great athlete and a true inspiration to people living with and surviving cancer. I want him to win bad.
  5. Word on the street is that Jurgen might have a little Jurgenia soon. Very early, so keep it on the DL.

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