Sunday, July 31, 2005

quote of the day

"I don't think I'll like that."

-what Jerry said when we announced there was going to soon be a new baby in the house.


H-SPO said...

you're kidding! i can't believe it!
tell me more!

Mandy said...

he kind of let out a little gasp, and his jaw was open for a minute. it was more funny than anything. actually, he's warmed up to the idea, even claiming that "new baby" can sleep in his bed with him. if it's a boy, jerry wants to call him grasshopper. sean bhean is so convinced she's a girl that she keeps referring to her as she, whereas the rest of us are all remaining gender-neutral with "the baby."

Dashiell said...

oh my fucking hell -- i can't believe your pregnant again! congrats! i will call very soon.

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