Thursday, June 16, 2005


Veronica Mars started its reruns on Tuesday night, and then showed another one Wednesday night. I think it's new night is Wednesday night, according to TV Guide. Be that as it may, I think it is a show I can definitely get into. Thanks for the recommendation.

Beauty and the Geek is awesome.


Dashiell said...

i do love beauty and the geek. so glad you started on the veronica path. it's quite fun and only gets better.

Mandy said...

i'm surprised how good beauty and the geek is. husband and I watch it together. one of the few shows we both enjoy. I was hooked after the first episode, which made me laugh so hard i nearly wet myself.

Dashiell said...

i can't wait for the next episode when they all get makeovers. i got your message and i think i called your husband's cellphone last night, but i didn't know he had a cellphone. i'll ring you very shortly. keep on keepin' on.