Thursday, June 02, 2005

knitting is good: part II

Knitting is good because it allows you to get together with other knitters like yourself who obsess over it just as much as you do.

What I learned at the latest installment of Knitting with Toddlers & Other Young Children:
  • Seed stitch looks great, but it's a bitch.
  • Some women love their husbands enough to knit them a seed stitch tie for their baby's baptism with only six days notice.
  • Macoroni & Cheese will quiet even the rowdiest bunch of rascals.
  • You can knit while nursing.
  • Babies that nurse while their mothers are knitting are only injured very rarely and very mildly by errant needles.
I really love getting together with my fellow stitchin' mama, but I hope that when the children are grown, we can knit in the evening - free of children - and with plenty of wine.

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