Wednesday, June 01, 2005

House of Waxes

Here's a word: wax. I didn't make it up. Jerry did. But it isn't the thing that comes from candles or the thing you use for Brazilians. A little background...

In my mind, Jerry is pretty smart. (one can only hope most mothers feel this way about their children) He talks well, and when I help him try to learn words, he complies. For example, he totally knows what a triceratops is and can identify it, but woefully, he usually says just "ceratops." After I say the whole word though, he will repeat it properly. I'm not nagging, I'm just trying to teach him the right way.

One should also know that Jerry is fierce. He likes mean things and scary things. For a while we tried to curb this facet of his personality, but now we kind of accept it, and encourage fierce things that are not bad. T-rex that tears flesh of small dino: okay. Medieval knights with swords and catapults: okay. Shooting people: not okay. Etc.

Back to wax. To him it actually means axe, like for chopping. For all the words that he knows and pronounces virtually correctly, he still doesn't get it with the wax. It is so funny to me and maybe the reason he keeps saying it like that is because I laugh so hard every time he talks about it.

"I'm going to chop you with my wax."

"This wax is for you, and this wax is for me."

"Do you know where my wax is?"

That's the story.

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